Republicans, and Independents have more sex than Democrats


A friend of mine showed me an article about the supposed frequency of sexual activity between people of various political affiliations. I didn’t believe him, but I started to do more research. Republicans really do have more sex than Democrats while Independents have more sex than both Democrats and Republicans. Despite the differences in sexual activity between people of different political affiliations, income, educational status and background also plays a role in determining the sexual activity as well.

According to an article on the website Daily Headlines, Republicans were more likely to have sexual intercourse within a week than Democrats. Republicans were also less likely to cheat on their spouse or significant other due to higher rates of church attendance. On the other hand, Independents had more sexual intercourse per week than both Republicans and Democrats. But Independents were just as likely to cheat as Democrats. Democrats were also more likely to use condoms during sex and masturbate with sex toys. But educational attainment and socio-economic status plays a role in this disparity a well. Those who were college educated were less likely to be more sexually active during the week. And Democrats are much more likely to be college educated than Republicans and Independents. Those without a college degree were more likely to have sex on a daily basis. Independents are more likely to fall in the category of those without college degree that have sex daily more so than Democrats and Republicans.

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Another study showed that Democrats were more likely to smoke marijuana and have casual sex. Liberals tend to be more relaxed when it came to drug use for recreation as opposed to their Conservative counterparts. They were also more likely to use contraception when engaging in casual sex.  And masturbate with sex toys. Political correct media and culture heavily promotes the idea that using contraception during sex is necessary for safe sex. Views on abortion and reproduction tends to favor women’s right to choose what goes on with her body. On the other hand, Republicans were more likely to have sex in the outdoors often times without any protection. Conservatives are more likely to oppose use of contraception during sex.  Conservatives were also more likely to be religious and listen to Country music, which helps shapes their views on sex and their sexual activity. Their religious views helps support their views on abortion and contraception due to the Bible is staunch on issues regarding reproduction and sex. But the key to Conservatives’ views on sex is Country music. Many Country music songs such as Tanya Tucker’s Would You Lay With Me (In a Field of Stone) portrayed the raunchy details of sexual intercourse in the outdoors. Listening to such songs help influence these listeners on their sexual desires and ways in carrying them out.

Other studies show that Conservatives were much more satisfied with their sex life. A survey showed that more of half of Conservative Republicans reached an orgasm during sex. Only 40% of Liberal Democrats have reached a climax during sex. One study even showed that Trump supporters were more likely to have filmed themselves doing the nasty than their Liberal counterparts.

Sexual positions in bed also align with political views. Studies show that Liberals were more likely to have anal sex, oral sex and threesome and sex with strangers. They were also more likely to masturbate. Conservatives were more likely to favor fewer sexual partners and more likely to prefer the Missionary position during sex. On the other hand, those who prefer doggy style were Conservative on immigration and the death penalty but Liberal when it came to social issues such as gay marriage.

Why are Conservative Republicans more satisfied with their sex lives than Liberal Democrats?

I can’t quite pin point an answer to the question. Not everything is so black and white. People have different experiences that help shape their views on sex and sexual activity. I also believe that their environment also plays a role in helping to shape sexual views. Despite growing up in a small town in Florida, I didn’t quite understand the dating and mating rituals in my area. Girls had their first date at around age 12 and were married by age 21. Women were supposed to wait until they were married to have sex and procreate with men to have children. I grew up attending religious schools that shunned contraception, fornication(another term for sex outside of marriage) and out of wedlock births. As a result, I avoided sexual activity and sexual intercourse throughout my teens. So it was quite a surprise to me to read such adventurous dealings when it came to sex from the Conservative aisle of the political spectrum.

Then I read these studies over and over again. It all started to make sense to me. Many Conservatives are more out there with their sexual escapades, because sexuality and sexual activity was so repressed in their environments. I know this all too well. Getting an orgasm in sexual intercourse makes one feel good and whole especially in an environment that shuns such pleasure. One having fewer sexual partners is another indicator shows that one is more likely to stick with the person that they are with for sexual pleasure. It also means that one is much more likely to form a spiritual and emotional bond with a partner that has fewer sexual partners than one with multiple sexual partners. Having sexual intercourse not only involves the physical but also the spiritual and emotional. When one has sexual intercourse, they are forming an emotional and spiritual bond with that person. Once people sleep with another and then break up, it is much harder to form an emotional and spiritual bond with another lover. It is not to say that those with multiple sexual partners can’t find love or form an emotional and spiritual bond with their lovers or significant others. Of course, they can. But it is much harder. It could explain why many Conservatives are more satisfied with their sex lives than many Liberals.

At the end of the day, political affiliation doesn’t mean that determine the quality of one’s sex life. Not every Conservative is more satisfied with their sex life nor is every Liberal not getting sexed. Studies and surveys also show the opinions and livelihoods of a sample of people being interviewed. An individual Conservative may be satisfied with their sex life. So may a Liberal. In this case, the political is sexual and the sexual is political…….if only one keeps their sexual escapades and life to themselves.



























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