America in decline: My views on a society hellbent on self destruction

As I woke up and read an article about a Somalian woman being beaten by a White man in a hate crime. I was horrified to read about the details of such an incident, but it is becoming more common place. Between the rise of hate crimes brewing in the country and Donald Trump’s dysfunctional administration woes, I have been concerned about the direction the United States is headed morally, economically and politically. The direction of this country has been having me thinking about the long term consequences of Donald Trump’s actions and the actions of millions of Americans and the world.

Here is the picture of the Somalian woman I was discussing. She was harassed and beaten by a random White man after protecting another Muslim woman. Her face is fractured and she lost four teeth. The incident is being investigated as a hate crime. Unfortunately, the hate and xenophobia of many White Americans has no boundaries nowadays.

Image result for Somalian woman beat up

In Portland Oregon, an alt right/White Nationalist rally was held where White Nationalists gathered to congregate. Many left winging and anti racist groups protested such activity and marched in retaliation. But things turned deadly when a White supremacist named Jeremy Christian stabbed three people in an attempt to block his speaking to two young women. Protestors on both sides had clashed and many arrests were made. Recently, Christian had been arrested with counts of aggravated murder, attempted murder and intimidation. In his courtroom appearance, his rants about freedom of speech wouldn’t have been more bizarre as he compared his actions to ”patriotism”. Christians concluded, “Free speech or die, Portland. You call it terrorism I call it patriotism,” Christian shouted. “If you don’t like free speech get the f*** out of my country.”

While I believe that every American has the right to freedom of speech and expressing one’s self, this man went too far. His actions were inappropriate, and a poor reflection on his character. From hollering at two young women to stabbing three people (one fatally stabbed), his using of freedom of speech to excuse his actions are poor. However his actions and use of the ”freedom of speech” to cover up for his behavior only represents the wider problem of xenophobia and wanting to preserve America’s traditionally Anglo Saxon, Christian heritage to the expense of everyone else. Many White Americans like Jeremy Christian see America as ”their country” while minorities such as African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners, Pacific Islanders and racially mixed individuals are seen as ”outsiders” taking away resources that ”rightfully belong” to White men and White women. The rise of the alt right movement and White Nationalism, headed by leader, Richard Spencer is a personification of the rising dissent among many White Americans about their declining birth rates, the country’s population growing browner, and immigration. I believe that Donald Trump and the Republican party along with his supporters are more interested in bringing  down the country and ruining the world for future generations than to share resources and be tolerant of those unlike themselves.

Donald Trump’s election as the forty fifth president of the United States is the culprit of the rising xenophobia and racism in the country. He ran his campaign on hatred of Muslims, calling Mexican immigrants rapists, talking down to the Black Community, and the release of a tape that showed Donald Trump telling another man to ”grab women by the pussy” solidified his disgusting rhetoric. Not surprisingly, White Nationalists such as Richard Spencer showed their support for Donald Trump as well as Republicans, working class White voters, and White evangelists. Many White Americans feel that they found solidarity with him on issues regarding race, sexism, immigration and economic issues. Many working class White voters believed his campaign promises that he would bring coal mining jobs back, secure Medicare and Medicaid, help restore economy and capture ISIS. After all, Trump ran as a populist. Sure, many of his voters and supporters did agree with his economic policies, but they were much more drawn to his rants such as ”Hillary for prison” and ”Build that wall”. However my observations have shown that Donald Trump hasn’t really carried out the promises that he has promised his supporters. His ”travel ban” on Muslims from seven Middle Eastern countries had been revoked numerous times, his healthcare bill has yet to pass the Senate, and his budget proposal threatens to cut many social programs for the needy. He tweets endlessly, golfs at Mar a Lago, and embarrasses the nation whenever he visits a foreign country to meet with a foreign leader. His confidante, Kellyanne Conway always appears on television with another lie to tell American viewers. His daughter, Ivanka Trump and son in law, Jared Kushner have their own wings in the White House and even confide in the president despite not being elected officials. How is this not nepotism? I can elaborate more on my observation of the actions and on goings of the Trump administration, but it is best to notice how many of his ridiculous actions affect the economy and direction this country is going in.

How have his actions or lack of affected the direction and state of the country?

The growth of the economy has also slowed down. In April, reports have shown that the economic growth in the first quarter of 2017 has only been 0.7%. Such percentage is much lower than the average 2.1% in the fourth quarter of 2016 and throughout the eight year tenure of President Obama’s term. It has been estimated that this has been the slowest in three years due to sluggish consumer spending and offset business retirement investment. Many malls and businesses are closing down or being brought out by bigger commodities. All of this isn’t an indicator of Donald Trump’s handling of the economy, but it just shows that maybe his presidency does have a negative impact on the economy.

Despite reports of him saving around eight hundred jobs at Carrier Plant in Indiana from out shored, many more jobs are still being shipped to Mexico. By December, around six hundred workers will be receiving pink slips through a five month span, starting next month. For a man that campaigned on being a job creator, he could have made sure all of those jobs stayed in America not just eight hundred. Another example of this is Trump’s deals with Boeing, an engineering company in Charleston, South Carolina. He promised to not ship any jobs overseas. However, the vice president of Engineering at Boeing, John Hamilton said on the campus’s website that ”hundreds employees” will be laid off and there will be a reduction in engineering jobs. The company is laying off worker due to accepting a round of voluntary buy outs. Engineering staff, who accepted the proposal will leave along with a thousand machinists. Instead, another business will be built in China. So much for Trump’s populism.

His denial of climate change will also cost America jobs. Due to the fact that he doesn’t believe in climate change, many renewable energy jobs will be shipped overseas. It also led to him pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement recently. There was much controversy surrounding his decision, but it also shows that America isn’t a world leader in protecting the sanctions of the planet. In fact, his stance on climate change has troubled many world leaders particularly German chancellor,  Angela Merkel.

America has lost it’s standing and reverence as a country of freedom and peace among the world. Many other countries look at America as a joke. There was a cartoon with Donald Trump throwing his golf club while there is water underneath him as a way to mock his stance on pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Recently, German chancellor, Angela Merkel made a speech about why she doesn’t believe that America or the United Kingdom(Great Britain) can be fully trusted as allies anymore. Especially America. Like many foreign world leaders, Merkel is concerned about Donald Trump’s lack of regard for the clauses found in NATO, and his lack of belief that climate change endangers the welfare of billions of people on earth. It was astounding to see that it took a foreign leader to address the dangers of having Donald Trump as president. Besides former Democratic candidate for the 2016 election, Bernie Sanders, not many American politicians have spoken up against Donald Trump’s dangerous policies. And this makes America look bad to other countries that such an incompetent leader is running the country.

Here is the illustration of the cartoon

Image result for cartoon mocking trump golfing under water


His xenophobic views on Muslims had translated into a series of Muslim bans, which has been stroke down by the Supreme Court. Even his revised ”Travel Ban” wreaks of the same Islamophobic belief system that spewed such legislation to be enacted in the first place. His hatred of Mexican immigrants translated into a belief that one has to build a wall between the Mexican border and American border to keep out illegal immigrants with criminal records. While I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to protect American borders from terrorists and criminals. I don’t believe that racially stereotyping a group of people helps things either. His racism has translated into hiring known racist, Jeff Sessions as attorney general and White Nationalist, Stephen Bannon as White House chief strategist. Due to their influence on race relations, there has been reports of practicing voter suppression among African Americans. The whole goal is to roll back the achievements of the Civil Rights Movement back to pre-1965 quotas and limit the rights of minorities. The homophobia and transphobia in his administration will make sure to limit the rights of the LGBT. His sexism has translated into him signing the Global Gag Rule that limited women’s right to choose what goes on with their bodies on a global scale. Such legislation led to the Women’s March in January. Infringing on the rights of others to maintain some kind of false utopia of the glory of White prosperity will not work in the end.

Personally, I was disgusted to hear that he had won the election that November morning. As a Black woman, whose family is from Jamaica, I was (and still) terrified of how his policies on immigration will affect the country. Particularly my family. And the families of millions of people with immigrants. Think about how his policies will affect the livelihood of the world as well. Unfortunately, I believe that such staunch and totalitarian view of the world is leading to the inevitable demise of the United States of America.

















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